Vollgutlager and SchwuZ Berlin.

The Ada Lovelace Festival will take place at the Vollgutlager in combination with the SchwuZ. The main event hall is the Vollgutlager in which we will have the main panels, catering and exhibition area. The SchwuZ will be used for Deep Dives and the ALF After-Party on Thursday, September 15th.

Neckarstraße 12
12053 Berlin

Rollbergstraße 26
12053 Berlin


The Vollgutlager – in the middle of Berlin’s trendy neighborhood Neukölln – is embedded in the area of the Alte Kindl brewery, formerly used as a production hall where the „Vollgut“, bottles, were processed on long assembly lines. The rough character of a former industrial production hall combined with remnants of the creative underground scene meet in the Vollgutlager and make up the special charm of this space.The entrance to the Vollgutlager is via the Kindl staircase on Neckarstraße, already offering a graphic highlight and past the Vollguter community garden. The garden is a open community project where one can learn from each other about sustainability, experiment and explore.


The SchwuZ was founded in 1977 and is Germany’s oldest queer club and largest queer cultural venue. They fought the fight for recognition and equal rights even when terms like gendering, hate speech or body shaming did not even exist.

Anyone who can relate to the term ‚queer‘ and the perception of it is welcome here. The SchwuZ is directly connected to and accessible through the Vollgutlager.



The Vollgutlager is accessible via Neckarstraße. The SchwuZ is accesible via Rollbergstraße.

For barrier-free access, please contact us for further information under and we can offer you barrier-free access to the Vollgutlager via Rollbergstraße.
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We recommend that you travel to the Vollgutlager by train or bus.

From the main train station in Berlin, take the M41 bus in the direction of Sonnenallee/Baumschulenstr. to the Fuldastr. stop (17 stops). From here it is about 8 minutes walk.

From the main station in Berlin with the U5 direction “U Kaulsdorf-Nord” to the stop Alexanderplatz. Here then change to the U8 direction “S+U Hermannstr.” To the stop U Boddinstr. From here it is still about 8 minutes walk.

Parking possibilities

PARK ONE multi-storey parking lot Rollbergstrasse, Rollbergstrasse 10, 12053 Berlin – max. daily fee € 6.00

Parking garage Kindl Boulevard, Mainzer Straße 27, 12053 Berlin – max. daily fee 12,00 €.