Sohaila Ouffata

Sohaila invests for BMW i Ventures in cutting-edge solutions focusing on BMW’s current and future business in the technology and customer & service space. In addition to the investment activities Sohaila works closely with BMW i Ventures’ portfolio companies. In her role as the Director of Platform, Sohaila develops and implements strategic growth initiatives and provides operational support to these companies.

The current portfolio of BMW i Ventures includes among other start-ups like May Mobility, Caroobi, Carbon and Moovit. Sohaila was always dedicated to innovation and new business models. Before joining BMW i Ventures Sohaila worked as a Senior Innovation & New Business Manager within the Telecommunications and Media industry. Within these roles she launched over the last ten years digital products & services on a global scale.

How does Tech improve our society?

Our society’s wealth is based on constant technological improvements which helped us unlock high levels of efficiency in many business processes. With great technology comes a great amount of responsibility in using these technological innovations to benefit our society and the environment. Too often these goals are sacrificed for the sake of economic output.