Susi Augustin

Susi Augustin currently works at Volkswagen AG in the Software Development Center (SDC) Wolfsburg on innovative products. As a member of an interdisciplinary team, her focus is on user experience and usability. Before joining the SDC she worked for 10 years as UX designer in the UX agency UCDplus GmbH. As a member of the German UPA (Professional association for user experience and usability), Susi already gave lectures on usability evaluation and workshops for young designers on effective user research. Until today she has supplied customers from all branches of industry with high-quality digital interfaces. As a certified usability expert, she ensures that the user always comes first with his needs for product development.

Why I Tech

I love technology because it always means a challenge. The challenge of using it in a way that does not overwhelm people, but allows them to expand their skills, overcome distances, and meet or even exceed their expectations.