Susanne Triepel

Susanne Triepel is a communication and events enthusiast/expert. She has a background inHumanities. Since the 90’s, she has worked at connecting people and therefore is constantly exploring new technologies and formats. In 2018, she joined eyeo, the company behind the browser extension Adblock Plus. Working for a tech company has changed her approach to event management profoundly. It has brought new insights and great ideas, e.g. UX Design for events is her new best friend. She is a life-long learner, a blogger, and a political activist. Although not having a technical background, she has always been passionate about Tech, and is constantly engaging in learning new things, for example taking on WordPress in her 40’s and recently starting to explore Coding.

Why I Tech

I was the first female student going into WWW for research in the department of History of Art, as my professor was investing in a PC, willing to give this new Fax thingy a chance. I strongly believe that digital transformation will disrupt society and change the way we live, learn, and work for the better.