Claire L. Evans

Claire L. Evans is a writer and musician. She is the singer and coauthor of the pop group YACHT, a founding editor of Terraform, VICE’s science-fiction vertical, and the author of the feminist computing history Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women who Made the Internet (Penguin Random House, 2018). She has spoken about music, technology, and science fiction at venues like The Walker Art Center, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Hirshhorn Museum, TEDxVenice Beach, Arizona State University, and La Gaité Lyrique, among many others, and recently shared her work with music and machine learning at Google I/O 2019. She is the former Futures Editor of Motherboard, and a contributor to Rhizome, The Guardian, Quartz, AIGA Eye on Design, WIRED, and Aeon. She is an advisor to graduate design students at Art Center College of Design and a member of the cyberfeminist collective Deep Lab. She lives in Los Angeles.

Why I Tech

I love tech because of the opportunities it represents to provide context for the world around us, so that we can better know and love the world.