Birgit Hess

Birgit Hess, Cloud Security Awareness Lead at SAP Global Security is a fierce believer in the value and necessity of data protection. She joined SAP in 2006 and in the course of her career gained a wealth of experience in different fields, including presales, product ramp-up and employee training. In 2012 she discovered her field of passion: data protection and privacy, first as a technical presales and since 2017 as part of the global security team. Since then she is digging deeper and deeper into the topic discovering new layers every day. She loves to engage with people to discuss the subject and create awareness around topics such as Ethical Artificial Intelligence, #realdata or the concept of DevSecOps. Birgit is an experienced speaker and panelist. The input she received during her workshop on last years Ada Lovelace festival “ I have nothing to hide” resulted in a new field of research for her focusing on “Kaizen methods to improve data protection”.

Why I Tech

I love technology because it has the potential to be the great leveler. Technology can reduce inequality between the strong and the weak in every imaginable sense. The question is if humanity  has the same potential.