Soledad Penadés

regitzCreative technologist, software engineer, musician, web standards advocate… Sole goes by many labels–why be only one thing when you can be many?

She first encountered a computer at age 7 and hasn’t looked back ever since. After being active on the module tracking scene for many years and releasing a ton of music under various netlabels and pseudonyms, she got fascinated by the vast possibilities that a realtime democratic Web connecting humankind’s knowledge can offer, and is now trying to find an answer to the inevitable question: what kind of learning, discovery, creations and remixes shall we witness if tools and data are easily and freely available to all instead of to just a few privileged ones?

She’s been raising awareness about Web Audio and spreading best use cases for the last two years, participating in workshops, giving talks and igniting minds with ideas. Attendees often leave the room saying: “Wow, I didn’t know you could do that in a browser!”

Leading by example, she’s built a number of instruments and explorations that run in the browser: a couple of theremins, a generative music box, a drum machine, an additive synthesiser, a failed physical simulation instrument turned spooky generator, a web instrument controlled by a
MIDI interface for people who do not know how to play any instrument; mixed Web Components with Web Audio, and even programmed a distributed toy orchestra meant to run on phones–all written with JavaScript, the language of the Web.

She’s also a co-founder of the Open Music project, dedicated to lowering the barrier of entry and enabling more people to build their own Web Audio based pieces by providing a set of open sourced, ready to use building blocks extracted from existing projects.

Mittwoch, 28.10.2015 | 10:45 – 11:30 | Stage 2

Web Audio API

We all know about the

With upcoming new features such as WebVR soon in your browser, and WebGL being a solid API for rendering three-dimensional graphics, Web Audio is the perfect complement for creating unique immersive experiences on the web.

In this talk we’ll learn all about the Web Audio way via a number of hands-on interactive demo-examples. Expect eye and ear candy!