Robert Franken

robert-frankenRobert Franken has been working in the digital space for 15 years, where his focus has always been B2C platforms, markets and target groups. As CEO, he has developed to a leading position within the German parenting market. After ten years at urbia, Robert took over as CEO für, one of the largest digital platforms in Europe and one of the world’s largest digital hubs for recipes and food.

Since then, Robert has been a consultant for digital transformation. He focusses on subjects like digital leadership, gender empathy and new work culture. He believes in unfolding digital potential by demystifying the “hype” around digital strategies and by enabling the work force to embrace digital change without fear or doubt.

Apart from that, Robert is member of the advisory board of PANDA (, a career competition and network for female leaders. Leadership, (post-)feminism and work(ing) cultures are among the topics he is especially interested in. As @herrfranken, he is very active on Twitter, and he publishes his ideas on gender, post-digital etc. on his blog Digitale Tanzformation.

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 | Stage 3 – Tech | 15:00 – 15:30

The End of the Male Paradigm – Women as Archetypes for the Digital Transformation.

The question why women drop out of companies before even coming close to any glass ceiling has been discussed frequently. And there’s evidence that „work/life balance“ issues might not be the answer. My talk will explore why meritocracies are discriminating against women and how the female workforce can become the decisive cornerstone for digital change. I will also show how GenderEmpathy can be a key for unlocking the complementary potential of women and men.

To talk about #WomenInTech is important, because seeing is believing. We need role models to change the perception of what a female career can look like. (The same is true for men, btw.)

– Robert Franken