Tanja Boehm

Tanja Boehm

Tanja Boehm

Tanja Boehm serves as the Ethics in AI ambassador for Microsoft in Germany.
Tanja heads the German Corporate Affairs team and the Microsoft Berlin Center as a space for experiencing and learning about digital transformation and AI in the very heart of the German capital. By taking on the additional role as Ethics in AI Ambassador, Tanja will be spokesperson to guide and seek feedback from colleagues as well to educate policy makers and society on our approach towards AI and Ethics.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2010, Tanja was a civil servant and served as head of unit at the Lower Saxony State Chancellery, responsible for Political Coordination of policy making processes on Federal, State and European level. Previously, she held various positions in public service. She also served as a National Expert in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels and participated in the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program in 2007. Tanja is an attorney and has a legal background in German, IT and European law. She completed internships in Paris, London and Boston during the legal traineeship.

Born in 1974, Tanja discovered her passion for IT and the technology behind it rather early: at the age of 11, she confronted her parents with the desire to have a Commodore 64, a desire that did not meet with understanding. She then bought a used one from her savings and took first steps in “Basic”. Later, at the beginning of her studies, she built herself her first MS-DOS/Win PC and then in the 1990s she founded her own small web design company and financed her law studies through this business.

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