Sara Lozano-Pérez

Sara Lozano Pérez loves challenges, Innovation, technology and people. Engineer & MBA, immerse in the Digital Transformation at Airbus, Sara drives the Digital Incubator Program & Portfolio at Information Management Airbus Defence and Space. She contributes to business development, strategy, digital network & innovation landscape in the biggest aerospace manufacturing company in Europe. Totally solutions oriented, she loves the “70% listening-30% talking” rule, because a better understanding of customer’s needs generate trust, business growth and stronger relationships, independently of the technology you incorporate to optimize results.

Why I Tech

…because it is a continuous fresh air! Evolution, no routine, always learning and improving our business and personal live! Technology add value beyond the borders in a collaborative way. Global tech solutions for a global world!

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

If I love to work with humans and I love Technology, why not to make the technology more human and the humans more in Tech?