Norma Barr

Norma Barr is co-founder of DimensionAlley, a 3D printing service workshop in Berlin. She considers herself to be a 3D printing creative technologist, or Wallah, using her printers as crafting tools to materialise amazing objects from spare parts to comets. Mixing together design thinking, agile product development along with 3D printing, Norma enables teams and individuals to make their ideas tangible.

Why I Tech

Humans come up with amazing ideas when we put our minds together, technologies such as 3D printing are the tools we use to enable us.

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

Ideas should never remain just ideas. In our daily life we face frustrations with products that simply don’t fit the purpose or solve a need. How often do we come up with a great idea only to dismiss it because we have no idea how to invent it and making a first version? We hear a lot about the potential of 3D printing to change the way we manufacture and produce but, in my view, the real power it holds is it allows us to make our ideas into a real product and then go back and adapt and improve them without spending a small fortune in the process. This way, everyone gets to change the world.