Monica-Iuliana Gabor

Monica is a Software Developer Engineer in Test for the GoDaddy Domains team in Iasi. With a passion for quality and software she has managed to work in one of the most business crucial areas of software engineering for the domains registrar. She started working in software testing about six years ago, where she made herself noticed not only for being the single female in the department but for the quality work done for brands like 123-Reg. She spearheaded the effort for a more automated driven test approach, in a time where manual testing was the norm. With a professional passion for domain names, moving over to the domains team was the next obvious approach. For the past year she has worked side by side with the developers in the team, both helping out with insight gained from years of testing, but also writing quality code that has made its way into production impacting the millions of domains under management by the company.

Monica enjoys cats, a good friendly working environment and is one of the Romanian site leaders for GoDaddy’s Women in Tech (WIT) organization.

Why I Tech

I’ve always loved tech, I’ve always loved to try the newest technologies, to imagine what the future might bring, what the society will look in 200 years. I think that only by increasing the interest in technology for our generation and the generation that follows, we will be able improve our lives, expand our knowledge and be a better a version of ourselves. Technology is the triumph of the human mind.

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

I think that Augmented Reality will change the world once this will be integrated into normal glasses and these be accessible to everyone. Think about the effect that search engines had on our lives, on making the information more accessible, on increasing our knowledge just by reducing the time we find the information we need. Think about walking on a street and finding historical information about a building just by looking at it, or about looking at an engine and seeing the technical specification of it. The benefits are incredible from my point of view.