Mohamed Bouallegue

I started coding at the age of 14 when my dad taught me how to write some small VB code on our Packard Bell Legend 1510. Back then it felt like magic and I fell in love with the power of programming. Now I hold a master degree in computer science, I’m a Tech Lead at MovingImage and I still didn’t loose my passion for technology. I always try to introduce new tools and practices to my team. During my free time I like to try new technologies from AI, AR to Blockchain systems and IoT. I also like participating in hackathons where I can implement some cool ideas.

Why I Tech

I believe that if there is a way to make our world a better place it can only happen through tech. Therefore I would like to contribute to this change and make people aware of how technology can help us .

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

Make use of all the available data we have and trust technology in deciding what is actually good for us on a social and political level.