Miriam Neubauer

Miriam Neubauer

Miriam Neubauer

Miriam Neubauer is the Managing Director at Catena Capital, a leading professional company builder for blockchain companies and ICOs, based in Berlin. She is also an Advisor to Herdius, a cross-chain identity protocol project with a decentralized exchange on top. Prior to Catena, Miriam spent the past few years in high-growth VC-funded startups in various leadership roles.

At Catena, Miriam focuses on infrastructure and protocol level technologies as well as applications useful to the broader stakeholders in the blockchain community right now.

Miriam holds a B.Sc. in BA with a minor in CS from LMU Munich, an Honors Degree in Technology & Management from CDTM Munich, and completed a stay abroad at the School of Information at UC Berkeley studying data and information science.

Why I Tech

Technology is the enable for the next human revolution. It would be mad not to be involved in it!

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

Something around broadening blockchain understanding and adoption.