Milena Marin

Milena has ten years of experience working at the intersection of technology, data and social good. She is currently working with Amnesty International, leading Amnesty Decoders – an innovative project aiming to engage digital volunteers in documenting human right violations using new technologies. Previously she worked as programme manager of School of Data where she trained and mentored numerous NGOs and journalists around the world to make the most of their data and reach new audiences. She also worked for over 4 years with Transparency International where she supported TI’s global network to use technology in the fight against corruption.

Why I Tech

I love tech because it can enable organizations with a social good mission to scale research and achieve more impact.

#ada18’s Motto isideas to change the world – my tech idea is

Enable and organise women with tech skills to donate some of their expertise to non profit organisations – these organisations fighting the good fight lack technical skills but have amazing missions. They need more skills and white man are simply not good enough anymore.