Karile Klug

After over 10 years in various innovation management roles in tech companies (TomTom, XING) I have discovered VOICE technologies and sparks started flying. As a sociologist by training, I am fascinated by first authentic conversations between humans and machines, and the potential of relationships between us. This has led me to switch gears, putting together a team of experts, who consult and develop voice applications. I am also an organizer of hackathons (check out talktome.berlin, talk-to-me.hamburg), bringing together technologists and businesses who want to explore the magnificent potential of VOICE.

Why I Tech

it extends our human capabilities faster and further than one imagines in one lifetime. And all tech ultimately stays human, for better or worse, as it is a reflection and extension of us, its creator. To expect anything else from it means to fail to understand it.

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

Relationships start at conversation. The way robots/AI will speak to us, the way we will answer, and in long term this is the way AI will speak back. So let’s design our conversations to build relationships.