Fränzi Kühne

Fränzi Kühne is one of the three founders and CEOs of the German digital business agency Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr. Founded in 2008, TLGG grew into a 170-strong agency sought after by international brands and corporations. The German Award for Online Communication named TLGG “Agency of The Year” twice. In January 2015 TLGG, as a partner of the CRM-specialist RAPP, became a part of the second largest international communication network Omnicom.
Berlin-born Kühne helms projects that demonstrate clearly the potential of technological and cultural change for brands and corporations. As Head of Operations, Fränzi shapes the structures and processes within the agency, takes care of company culture and is responsible for the internal and external style of communication.
Fränzi Kühne shaped her digital profile as a project manager at Frogster Interactive Pictures AG, as an editor and as a freelance writer on gadgetry and technology. In November 2014, Edition F named her one of “25 women for the digital future” – among candidates like Gesche Joost and Constanze Kurz. In June 2017, Fränzi was appointed to the supervisory board of freenet AG, making her the youngest member of a supervisory board in a publicly owned company in Germany.

Why I Tech

I don’t. I enjoy using it. It’s exciting and working with tech and on tech fills me with joy and meaning. I like to watch and examine the far-reaching consequences of the transformation it propels. Tech concerns pretty much every aspect of our modern lives. That is a vast concept, a huge idea – I guess it’s more about respect than about love. Huge respect for you, tech!

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

Aside from Instagram Stories that are currently making me a very happy late adopter? I believe that the most important tech trend 2018 will be the meaningful and constructive tech discussion. We will discuss less trolley problems and more actual challenges – data ethics, automatization and its consequences, digital education. There may still be some setbacks, but I’m confident that we’re entering an informed discussion with competent participants.