Edlira Kasaj


Edlira Kasaj

Edlira Kasaj is Director of the ReDI Digital Woman Program. A program aiming to help women newcomers (migrants and refugees) integrate through technology.

Edlira has an MSc and BSc in computer science and an MBA from Lancaster University. She is a startup enthusiast who started her career with a number of small business she cofounded and ran. Additionally, she founded and ran the first ICT Innovation Center in Albania. Edlira has worked in public sector holding various roles influencing strategy and policy in the ICT sector, such as Member of the Executive Board of the Telecommunication Regulator.

She is passionate about education and has taught in various universities. Additionally, she has worked with and consulted various development organization such as GIZ, USAID, and UNDP.

Having been the only women in the room way too long Edlira is an avid advocate of bridging the gender gap in tech and leadership.

Why I Tech

I have studied computer sciences and am naturally drawn to technology. It never stops fascinating me how technology opens new doors for us. How technology drives innovation, disrupts existing realities and brings us closer to a more colorful world. How technology makes everything more accessible, and possible.

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

2017 was considered the year of women, and the #metoo movement brought so much attention to the issues women face in all areas of life in all industries. This year you can see more events, initiatives and attention is going towards promoting gender diversity in tech. More diversity in tech is my favorite IT-trend for 2018. The future is digital, and if only a handful of people design it, we will live in a world plagued by biases and prejudice. Women should step up and participate in designing our future. If we don’t, we might regret it, humanity might regret it.