Dr. Feiyu Xu


Dr. Feiyu Xu

Dr. Feiyu Xu is Vice President of Lenovo Group and Head of AI lab of Lenovo Research. The Lenovo Research AI lab conducts R&D on core technologies and applications of natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, data analytics, voice technologies and robotics.

Dr. Xu has extensive experience in multilingual information systems, information extraction, text mining, big data analytics, business intelligence, question answering and mobile applications of NLP technologies. She has successfully led more than 30 German, EU and international research and development projects and has got extensive experience in the total cycle of innovation in the field of AI, from basic research, application, development, to products and their commercialization.

Dr. Xu has published more than 100 research papers, including lots of papers for influential international conferences, such as ACL, COLING, EMNLP, CONLL, NAACL, ECAI, LREC etc. And she was area chair of EACL 2017 for text mining, information extraction and question answering and is area chair of ACL 2018 for information extraction and question answering.

Before joining Lenovo, Dr. Xu was Principal Researcher and Head of Research Group Text Analytics in the Language Technology Lab of German Research Center of Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the largest non-profit AI research center in the world. And she is co-founder and was Managing Director of Yocoy Technologies GmbH, a 2007 spin-off from DFKI that develops next generation mobile language and travel guides. Since 2004, Dr. Xu has been Deputy Director of the Joint Research Laboratory for Language Technology of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Saarland University.
In 2013, she received the Google Focused Research Award for Natural Language Understanding. In 2014, she was honored as DFKI Research Fellow.

Dr. Xu studied technical translation at Tongji University in Shanghai from 1987 to 1990. She then studied computational linguistics at Saarland University in Germany from 1992 to 1998 and graduated by receiving a Diplom (MSc) with distinction. In 2007, she received her PhD degree in computational linguistics from Saarland University. In 2014, Dr. Xu completed habilitation in big text data analytics.

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