Dr. Christiane Lemke


Dr. Christiane Lemke

Christiane is a big fan of information retrieval and machine learning technologies and loves figuring out how to apply them in scalable applications to make a difference for real world problems.
She joined eBay Kleinanzeigen as a Software developer in January 2016 after having worked at Unister R&D in Leipzig for 5 years. In her previous academic life, she studied Intelligent Systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg and obtained a PhD from Bournemouth University (UK) for her work on predictive modelling and classifier combination.

Why I Tech

I love tech because it`s empowering us to be better at just about anything: we`re getting smarter, we`re being more efficient, we solve more problems in shorter time. Let`s use it wisely!

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

Let`s make data science and machine learning more accessible to people. Already simple things can lead to great results, once the access barrier is lowered.