Barbara Saunier


Barbara Saunier

After her studies in mathematics and philosophy in Hamburg, Barbara Saunier began her career as a programmer at Beiersdorf in 1985. After a short time, she worked as a global IT consultant for the Beiersdorf businesses.
In 1995, she transferred to the business side at tesa, where she introduced new supply chain concepts. In 2001, she began building up the IT business area of the then independent tesa subsidiary. In 2005, the IT, logistics, and supply chain business areas of tesa SE were consolidated under her management.

As of April 2010, Barbara Saunier has been the CIO of Beiersdorf and the managing director of Beiersdorf Shared Services, a wholly owned Beiersdorf IT and accounting subsidiary. Since then, she has developed BSS from a pure IT service provider into a strategic partner for Beiersdorf, among other things, with the introduction of global IT governance.

Why I Tech

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#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

OrCam MyEye: A tiny computer attached to the glasses helps the blind and visually impaired people to “see” again. It is artificial intelligence at its best.