Anna Sarah Lieckfeld

Anna Sarah Lieckfeld studied Political Science in Munich and Berlin. After finishing her studies she began to work in a foundation, that focuses on the needs of children and young adults in rural areas of low population density in Germany. The most important target is to improve their access to extracurricular education. Over time education and learning has become one of Anna Sarah Lieckfelds main subjects – with digitalization playing a more important role in the current projects. These days Anna Sarah Lieckfeld is working as a project manager at Calliope GmbH, an EdTech startup located in Berlin. Calliope wants to improve the digital education in primary schools in Germany with a little board, that teaches kids in a very playful and creative way how to code.

Why I Tech

Tech – in the widest sense – keeps me in touch with the world. That is nothing new and exciting, but it is what I love the most about tech. No matter if I read blogs from all over the world while I´m on the bus or if it’s the news and pictures from her granddaughters that my mom gets daily from me. This real-time exchange shows me how small the world is.

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

My personal idea? I need a smart device/ machine for my family, that washes, dries. folds and sorts the clothes into the correct boxes via code. That device should report if something is missing. And if I search for the red bathing suit, I just check on my mobile.

My idea to change the world? Making education available for everyone and everywhere. It has never been easier to get access to educational resources. At best education is just a matter of the right click. Working for this high goal is worth all our efforts and creativity. I love to be part of this process and to contribute to it with my ideas and know-how.