Omosola Odetunde


Omosola Odetunde is currently a senior software engineer at Clue, where she works across the stack on product explorations and development. She enjoys using a variety of skill sets (front end, back end, user research, UI development, data science) to build products that are informed by a strong understanding of and interaction with users. She has been able to do so in a wide range of interest areas, including security, linguistics, education, and health, for companies such as Shopify, Microsoft, Babbel, Chegg, and in academic research.
Omosola earned Masters and Bachelors of Computer Science degrees from Stanford University. Her Masters was focused on Artificial Intelligence, while her Bachelors was focused on Human Computer Interaction.

Why I Tech

Being in tech has let me help and support others at a much faster and larger scale than I could have otherwise. I can build products that address real world issues I care about and break through to communities in my own country and across the world that I might not normally have access to.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

Augmented reality
If used correctly, I’m excited about the possibility of this (and VR) to enhance safety, accessibility, connectedness, empathy, etc. There are so many positive use cases out there. I hope those get good resources over the next few years.