Christiane Gillissen


Christiane eats, sleeps and breathes communications. She worked many years in various positions for the global advertising network TBWA as well as for the Art Directors Club (ADC) of Germany before going freelance in 2010. From that time on, she was involved as a communications specialist supporting companies such as BMG Rights Management, HBC, Mona Davis, Strichpunkt, TYPE HYPE and many others in communications and project management. In 2015 she started working for Deutsche Markenarbeit, a subsidiary of publishing house Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt. During her work she visited more than 50 national and international conferences looking for technological and social trends to support her colleagues in their daily work. She developed numerous conference concepts – amongst others, the Ada Lovelace-Festival is based on her initiative. A short while ago, Christiane decided to work as a freelancer again, now supporting different clients as a concept designer. With heart and soul, Christiane makes her home in Berlin, but she also has a toothbrush in Amsterdam and loves to be a part-time resident there, too.

Why I Tech

I remember sending my first email, some day in the late 1990ies, from Berlin to Nicaragua. It seemed unbelievable to me that the message just went from here to there within a moment. Usually, a letter took about three to four weeks by postal service, and I never was sure, if my friend was still alive when getting it. That time, I was not aware that this technique in it’s very early stage one day would have the power to change my life totally.
My little story might be a good metaphor for the beginning of the globalization and my strong belief in its positive aspects, bringing more freedom and autonomy in every corner of the world. So, definitely: I LOVE tech, although I know we have to use it carefully and with high responsibility.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

With regard to the rise of AI: the shift from tech to social innovation.