Anna Alex


In 2012 Anna together with her co-founder Julia launched OUTFITTERY with the vision to create a shopping experience for men that is convenient, fun and inspiring. Today, OUTFITTERY serves individual outfits to 500.000 men in eight countries and Anna is one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in Europe. In 2016, she was voted amongst Europe’s “Inspiring Fifty”, the 50 most inspirational women in tech. Prior to OUTFITTERY Anna lead the IT of the Swiss group buying platform DeinDeal in Zurich. She studied economic sociology in Freiburg and Paris.

Why I Tech

Because it makes our lives so much more convenient and better in so many aspects!

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

Really good fashion tech/smart wear products – I recently read about a company who reproduced spiderweb fibers through technology, including all its natural benefits such as high tensile strength, elasticity, and durability. How cool!