Anja Hendel


After my studies in business informatics, I started my career at the business consultancy Capgemini. My work focused on the technology (programming, data migration, and infrastructure) of large and international SAP-projects. In this context, I was especially concerned with distributed work models, where globally dispersed teams collaborate on a task. During this period, together with two colleagues I published a book on this topic, entitled “Rightshore: Successfully Industrialize SAP Projects Offshore“.

Following five years of professional experience in consultancy, I joined Celesio (today: McKesson) – a pharmaceutical wholesaler. Initially, I established the SAP program management and the unit SAP Services (enterprise architecture, SAP Basis, development, authorization as well as responsibility for the central SAP systems). In this position, I was able to deploy the knowledge of many international projects, which I have completed in the former years.
Another five exciting years later, I increasingly dealt with portfolio management. Focusing on this topic, I started in October 2013 at Porsche. Besides portfolio management, I helped shaping the IT strategy of Porsche. For almost two years, I have been working as management assistant to the CFO, who is also responsible for IT at Porsche. In this role, I push forward digitalization and innovation topics in the finance and IT area. The conception of the Porsche Digital GmbH, the Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin as well as of the Porsche Innovation Office in Israel are only an excerpt from many exciting topics I am dealing with.

Why I Tech

As a teenager, I considered to become an architect. Technology enables me to build digital “houses”, cities and worlds. With every year that I continue working in this area, the possibilities of this playing ground grow. Moreover, with every day technology and my job make even more fun.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

Blockchain! I believe that this technology will really change a lot. In June, we have nominated the winner of the first Porsche Innovation Contest on the topic of Blockchain. As part of the innovation platform Startup Autobahn, we also collaborate with a Blockchain startup on a first MVP. I am really looking forward to the insights and results of the first pilot projects.