Julia Saswito

Julia-SaswitoJulia Saswito is a Managing Director and partner at Triplesense Reply and has headed the digital full-service-agency, together with Katajoun Parandian-Kurz and Peter Krause, since 2000. The business management graduate, specialising in marketing, information and communications technology, heads the strategic consultancy and operations departments. Her key areas of interest are the customer experience, digital business models and in particular digital commerce.

“Humanizing Digital” is Triplesense Reply’s mission. For her personally, in the context of digital projects that means repeatedly thinking about who we are actually doing it all for: For people who want to be understood, who have little time, lots of distractions and their own objectives. We should not put any obstacles in their path or think that they will give us their attention without any real reason. Only what is relevant has any right to exist.

THURSDAY, October 13, 2016 | Workshop 2 | 14:00 – 15:30

Humanizing Experience

Only services or products that meet peoples’ needs and contribute to making their lives easier will really be used. Julia Saswito, Triplesense Reply, shows how ‘Humanizing Digital’ strategies can be implemented in practice. Her conclusion: “We need a systematic and rigorous approach, which we can use to ensure that people really are ALWAYS the focal point of our thoughts and actions.”

To talk about #WomenInTech is important, because many women still have serious reservations when it comes to technology and programming. We don’t have enough female role models who are successful in the technology sector. Particularly because in the case of the few role models, the issue of combining family and working life is a key factor, instead of professional competence. I wish that more women would start companies. Many spend too long weighing up the pros and cons and are less prepared to take risks than men.

– Julia Saswito