Dorothea Bateva

Bateva Dorothea Bateva works as a Digital Consultant at Triplesense Reply in Frankfurt, responsible for “Strategy & Innovation”. She has a background in strategic marketing and sales with a strong expertise of combining market insights with customer requirements and adding creative ideas on top. Focused on enabling products, teams and organizations to grow successfully, her biggest reward is seeing a happy team who built a highly relevant solution together with the customer as the result of her work.

To talk about #WomenInTech is important, because we unfortunately still need to dissolve what has been a reality for too long: women in tech as an exception, exotic rarity or a fringe group. I think that the most important thing in our business is competence and drive, and that neither gender, skin color nor sexual orientation should be associated with it in any way. On the mission to make our competencies and qualities visible, the hashtag units us – the quiet, the loud, the managers, the trainees, the thought leaders, the underdogs…
We have the opportunity, and, in the context of #ada16 in particular, the obligation to advocate for making gender segregation obsolete and outdated.

– Dorothea Bateva