Claire Zschiesche

zschiescheClaire Zschiesche has a state examination as teacher for English as Foreign Language and Physical Education from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. She also has an advanced diploma in Computing Science from the University of Oxford, Great Britain. She works for SAP since 1998 in various roles along the software development cycle including information developer and product manager. Currently she works as a software developer for Financial Services, implementing products for accounting. Claire is also a Design Thinking coach and has successfully coached several Design Thinking project over the past years, including customer projects. She strongly believes that Design Thinking is key to outstanding product innovation and wants to inspire others with her passion for Design Thinking.
Claire is a member of the Gesellschaft für Informatik and their section Frauen und Informatik.

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 | Workshop 1 | 14:00 – 15:30

Design Thinking in the Software Industry

Design Thinking is a generic approach to problem finding and problem solving with a focus on human meaning and empathy. With this method software companies like SAP innovate and design their user experience. See what you can achieve with Design Thinking and experience the basic principles of it.

To talk about #WomenInTech is important, because because IT is far too exciting to be left only to men.

– Claire Zschiesche