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Is Human Centered Design not enough anymore?

For #ada16-speaker Julia Saswito Human Centered Design  is not enough,  the Managing Director of Triplesense Reply is all about HumanizingExperience. Meaning: We need a systematic and rigorous approach, which we can use to ensure that people really are ALWAYS the focal point of our thoughts and actions.”

Julia Saswito is sure: Only services or products that meet peoples’ needs and contribute to making their lives easier will really be used. As Managing Director of digital full-service-agency Triplesense Reply she is always considering the question how ‘Humanizing Digital’ strategies can be implemented in practice. Her conclusion: “We need a systematic and rigorous approach, which we can use to ensure that people really are ALWAYS the focal point of our thoughts and actions.”

Julia recently gave the ä#ada16-team a short interview:

Julia, to talk about #WomenInTech is important, because…

many women still have serious reservations when it comes to technology and programming. Wedon’thaveenough female role models who are successful in the technology sector. Particularly because in the case of the few role models, the issue of combining family and working life is a key factor, instead of professional competence. I wish that more women would start companies. Many spend too long weighing up the pros and cons and are less prepared to take risks than men.

Your Tech/IT-Trends 2016:

Profound organisational change

It is quite clear that companies will have to change dramatically and draw on the innovative energy of their customers and employees. In many cases the business model and the value-added chain are being extended, there is an increase in (internationally) distributed working, communication with the end customer is getting faster and more direct, machines are getting smarter. Companies need new structures and an open, error-tolerant culture in order to keep pace with digitalisation and innovative start-ups. The biggest task in 2016 will be to introduce these and to encourage a desire for change.

The rise of the machine

In 2016 we will be giving a lot of serious thought to how sensors (the Internet of Things), artificial intelligence and robotics will change our world. Be it plasters with sensors to measure our bodily functions, smart bots that take over standard processes and automate them, logistics drones and robots that communicate via the Cloud to act in swarms, or machines that build their own spare parts – the possibilities exist…

Humanizing digital – a step forward from Human Centered Design

Particularly against the background of global digitalisation, companies and service providers need a systematic and rigorous approach to ensure that people still remain the focal point of their thinking and actions, because if something makes no sense to people, they will ignore it or reject it – and in that way even the most innovative idea is condemned to failure.

The ability to think up useful and sustainable application scenarios with a people-centred approach will be the distinguishing feature of the companies that continue to besuccessful in future.

Julia-SaswitoAt #ada16 Julia Saswito talks about Humanizing Experience: More than human-centred design – Strategies and thought-provoking ideas for long-term success



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