Program 2021

Quantum world

08 Dec 202110:00

Welcome & Opening Ritual

08 Dec 202110:10Opening Keynote Part I with Q&A:

The promise of quantum: An introduction

08 Dec 202110:45Opening Keynote Part II with Q&A:
08 Dec 202111:20

Interactive Session One

08 Dec 202112:00Panel

Quantum Leap for Bavaria. Small Steps – Vast Effects

08 Dec 202112:30

Lunch & Socializing Break

08 Dec 202114:00

Meditation, Headspace

08 Dec 202114:15

Quantum Workshop, Form21

08 Dec 202115:15Keynote & Conversation
08 Dec 202115:45

Coffee & Socializing Break

08 Dec 202116:15Impulses & Panel Discussion

From binary to Qbits: Business Models of Quantum Computing

Jerry Chow, Director of Quantum Hardware Development, IBM
IIana Wisby, CEO of Oxford Quantum Circuits

08 Dec 202117:15Artful Interlude

Dancing in the Quantum World

Kuflex, Laboratory of interactive design and audiovisual art, Moscow, Russia

08 Dec 202117:30

Exploring the Experience Area & Classes

08 Dec 202118:30


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Quantum world

09 Dec 202110:00

Welcome & Energizer

09 Dec 202110:10Interview

Quantum Politics with Armen Sarkissian

09 Dec 202110:40Panel Discussion

The potential of quantum: Industry applications

Manfred Rieck, Deutsche Bahn
More tba

09 Dec 202111:20

Interactive Session Two

09 Dec 202111:50Impulses & Debate

The Future of the Internet: Quantum-Safe Cryptography

Elham Kashefi, Professor of Quantum Computing, University of Edinburgh

09 Dec 202112:30

Lunch & Socializing Break

09 Dec 202113:30

AMA-Sessions & Deep Dives

Valentin Jeutner, Associate senior lecturer & Associate Professor at Department of Law, LUND University
more tba

09 Dec 202114:30

Coffee & Socializing Break

09 Dec 202115:00Panel Discussion

Quantum as a mirror to the natural World

Surjo Soekadar, Professor and Head of research divison Neurotechnology, Charité Berlin
more tba

09 Dec 202115:40Closing Conversation

A Quantum kind of world: What we can expect in the future

09 Dec 202115:55

Closing Ritual

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Founder & CEO, Strangeworks

whurley is founder and CEO of Strangeworks, a quantum computing startup that makes the power of quantum computing easily accessible and available to all. He is an Eisenhower Fellow, Innovator in Residence for the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at the Sloan School of Management at MIT, A Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Chairman of the Quantum Computing Standards Workgroup at the IEEE, the first Ambassador to CERN and Society, a regular contributor to TechCrunch on the topic of Quantum Computing, and the co-author of “Quantum Computing For Babies”. Prior to starting Strangeworks he was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs [NYSE: GS]. He came to Goldman Sachs via the acquisition of his second startup, Honest Dollar. Prior to Honest Dollar whurley founded Chaotic Moon Studios which was acquired by Accenture [NYSE: ACN].

Judith Gerlach

Judith Gerlach

Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs, Member of the Bavarian State Parliament

Judith Gerlach (35), Member of the Bavarian State Parliament, chairs Germany’s first State Ministry for Digital Affairs since November 2018. At age 33, the law-school graduate was the youngest-ever appointee as a Bavarian cabinet minister, having become the youngest member ever elected to the Bavarian State Parliament as early as 2013. As State Minister, she is pulling all the strings of the Bavarian digital strategy. In addition to driving forward state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and Blockchain, Minister of State Judith Gerlach sees digital administration as an important element in making the state ready for the digital transformation.

Kitty Yeung

Kitty Yeung

Creative Technologist & Senior Quantum Architect, Microsoft

Kitty Yeung is a physicist, engineer, artist, fashion designer, maker and musician. She currently works as a Sr. Quantum Architect at Microsoft Quantum Systems. She’s the producer of Microsoft’s quantum learning materials, including the MS Learn quantum modules and the Quantum Learning website; author of comic series Quantum Computing & Some Physics; lecturer at HackadayU and Microsoft Reactor on Quantum Computing. To drive integration between science and art, she also founded a sustainable and STEAM fashion brand, Art by Physicist, and leads the Fashion Hack at Microsoft Prior, Kitty worked as a Manager and creative technologist of the Bay Area Microsoft Garage Program; UX Designer at Intel Maker Group; Research Scientist and Hardware Engineer at Intel Silicon Photonics; PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University, MSci and BA in Natural Sciences from University of Cambridge.

Nina Bindel

Nina Bindel

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada

As a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and the University of Waterloo, Canada, Dr. Nina Bindel researches how to maintain Internet security in the future. This includes constructing cryptographic algorithms that are secure even in the presence of quantum attackers and finding weaknesses there-in. She also has been the principal submitter of qTESLA, a quantum-secure digital signature scheme that had been submitted to NIST’s post-quantum standardization effort and advanced to the second of three rounds. Before joining IQC, she received her Ph.D. from TU Darmstadt, Germany in 2018. In addition, Nina has been a research visitor at the lattice program of the Simons Institute at UC Berkeley in spring 2020 and interned at Microsoft Research, Redmond (US), during the summer 2019.

Lieven Scheire

Lieven Scheire

Comedian, Physicist and Science Communicator

Lieven Scheire is a comedian, physicist and science communicator.
On stage and on television, both in Dutch and English.

While studying physics at UGent (Belgium), Lieven founded the comedy group Neveneffecten with his cousin Jonas Geirnaert. Together with Jelle De Beule and Koen De Poorter, they created not only comedy shows but also successful television programmes such as Basta and Willy’s and Marjetten.

More recently Lieven makes and presents television shows like Scheire en de Schepping (2012-2014 & 2021), De Schuur van Scheire (2015), Kan Iedereen nog Volgen (2018-2019) and Team Scheire (2018-2020). Some episodes of Scheire en de Schepping reached a market share of no less than 50%. Also on YouTube the program remains a big hit. In Team Scheire, Lieven enlists the help of a team of engineers, designers, scientists and programmers, also known as the makers. Together they come up with creative solutions for people who cannot enjoy life to the fullest because of a disability. Lieven also regularly appears on scientific programs in the Netherlands, like De Kennis van Nu and Atlas. In 2019, he won the popular TV quiz ‘De Slimste Mens ter Wereld’ (‘The Smartest Person in the World’) with verve.

In addition to his television work, you can also check out Lieven live on stage. From the start of 2022, Lieven will be touring again throughout Belgium and the Netherlands with DNA, an entertaining live show about human genetics and how it will change our lives dramatically very soon. He also wrote the DNA book on the same subject, published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts.

With the popular Dutch podcast Nerdland, Lieven and a befriended gang of science freaks create a monthly overview of the most important science news.

Lieven has his own sublabel with publisher Borgerhoff & Lamberigts: Nerdland. Books that have appeared are DNA (2019), Fysica (2020) and Insecten (2020) by Lieven Scheire, De Geknipte Genen (2020) by Hetty Helsmoortel and three editions of the Doeboek voor Kleine Nerds (2020 & 2021) by Lieven Scheire, Henk Rijckaert and Hetty Helsmoortel.

Lieven Scheire is appreciated for his refreshing mix of science and comedy. He talks about complex subjects in an accessible way, with knowledge and the necessary dose of humour. No one can spell Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum mechanics or Drake’s formula out like Lieven Scheire.

By the way, you can always wake him up at night for a game of cloud spotting. But only for noctilucent clouds, of course.


“The secret Belgian lovechild of Stephen Fry and Dara Ó Briain.”


“If nerds are the new hunks then the charming Lieven Scheire was set to win heads and hearts at this year’s Fringe, with his unique non-fiction stand-up. Scheire takes little concepts like, oh you know, Einstein’s’ theory of relativity, and explains them in a way that is not only accessible but also hilarious. If science lessons back at school had been more like this, maybe we would have all paid more attention and be six times smarter now.”

Dr. Jessica Esquivel

Jessica Esquivel

Quantum Physicist

Dr. Jessica Esquivel is an Associate Scientist at Fermilab working on the Muon g-2 Experiment which recently announced it’s exciting Run 1 results, increasing the experiment/theory tension from 3.7σ to 4.2σ. She is one of ~100 Black women with a PhD in physics in the country, the 2nd black woman to graduate with a PhD in physics from Syracuse University, and the 3rd Black woman to hold an Associate Scientist position at Fermilab. Her graduate research focused on studying ghostly particles called neutrinos interacting in the MicroBooNE Experiment using innovative machine learning techniques. Dr. Esquivel is also a recognized advocate for creating just and equitable spaces in physics and focuses on the intersections of race, gender and sexuality in her community engagement efforts. She is a steering committee member of APS-IDEA, co-founder of BlackInPhysics, and part of the Change-Now collective. Dr. Esquivel was also selected as a AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador, and through her work as an ambassador, has appeared on CBS’s Emmy nominated educational program Mission Unstoppable where she discusses the physics behind makeup, and on the Science Channel’s How the niverse Works discussing how neutrinos could be the key to the mysteries of our universe. Dr. Esquivel is a Texas transplant living in Chicago with her wife and three furbabies, Treadaway, Georgie, and Daisy.