Kathrin Lemler

Tech can change your life. Literally. Ask Kathrin Lemler!

“Tech changed my life.” Not many people mean this as literally as Kathrin Lemler. Without Tobii, her eye-tracking speech-generating computer, she would be mute. In our interview Kathrin also talks about her first tests with a Brain Computer Interface which would voice all her thoughts directly.

We´re very happy to have Kathrin Lemler as a speaker at #ada18. For all of you obsessed with the technical details: Kathrin will have someone with her at Ada Lovelace Festival to explain all the features of Kathrin’s speech-generating computer Tobii.

#ada18 interview with Kathrin Lemler

Kathrin, who’s Tobii?

Kathrin Lemler: Tobii can read my every wish just from looking at my eyes. He’s not Prince Charming, no, but my eye-tracking speech-generating computer.

How did Tobii change your life? What would your life look like without tech?

Kathrin Lemler: Tobii changed everything. With the device I gained a voice. Without technology I would be mute. I would likely still be the same chatterbox, but nobody would notice.

You recently posted on Twitter about BCI-tests you did at a university. Help me out here: what is BCI? And what is/could be possible with it?

Kathrin Lemler: BCI stands for Brain Computer Interface. So I was wearing an incredibly stylish cap and was able to control four different fields on the screen via my visual cortex. It’s a small first step, but it will probably take a few more decades until I can fully talk via BCI. But I am wondering anyway: Do I want a computer to voice all my thoughts directly? I think I prefer having my eyes tracked to communicate.

We’re looking forward to having you at #ada18. What are you looking forward to?

Kathrin Lemler: I am looking forward to my favorite activity: Meeting and talking to new people!