Technology - why it is a great support to solve risky situations (Sara Lozano Pérez)

Technology – why it is a great support to solve risky situations (Sara Lozano Pérez)

Sara Lozano Pérez, Digital Transformation Program Lead at Information Management Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, loves challenges, innovation, technology and people. In this interview, Sara explains how the rule “70% Listen – 30% Speak” contributes to finding ideal solutions to customers’ problems and the role technology plays in this context.

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Interview with Sara Lozano Pérez
(Airbus Defence and Space GmbH)

Sara, what was your first flight? Do you remember the experience?

Sara Lozano Pérez: Perfectly! I was in the high school and I was flying with my classmates from Madrid to Rome! It was amazing… a big airplane.

I recently heard someone telling the story of a flight announcement he had witnessed. As there were foggy weather conditions during landing at the destination airport the computer would now take over. And people on the plane started getting nervous. Automatic pilots have been status quo for more than 20 years. Are people still too pessimistic about tech?

Sara Lozano Pérez: Technology is in a continuous evolution, in a continuous change… and change supposes uncertainty… something difficult to manage but the humans. In this case of situations, technology is a great support to solve risky situations. However, when we are talking about humans’ fears, we need to demonstrate trust and results in the solutions we based on technology.

You are a fan of “70% listening, 30% talking” to get to know your customers’ needs. Who are your customers in your job? The passengers in planes oder people building the planes? And what are their biggest needs at the moment? So basically: What do you do in your job at Airbus as Digital Transformation Program Lead at Information Management?

Sara Lozano Pérez: Everyone of us is a customer… our colleagues as well as external customers. In our daily job, we provide solutions to problems. We support processes and products to get optimal solutions to our customers ‘ problems, and definitely, technology is one of our pillars but not the only one. We make a strong effort to understand what the customers need and according to this exercise results, propose and delivery better solutions.

One of your goals is to make technology more human. What do you mean by it?

Sara Lozano Pérez: In these times when we try to simulate brains about decision-making and emotions, technology is still far away to feel and decide as a human body & mind. But we are in the right way!

Airbus is not only about flying around our planet but also involved in space flight. What are major digital innovations & game changers in that field?

Sara Lozano Pérez: I really like to talk about it! Data, data and data… and how we are providing value and new services thanks to them. We are able to make deep analysis, and this is thanks to Space portfolio provides us a granularity and precision.