Frauen können nicht coden

That’s why women can’t code

We knew it: Coding is men’s only! This video by GIRLS DO CODE provides scientific proof. *IronyOff  That’s why women can not code.

Programming for many is a men’s job. Why? The protagonists of this video find logical and science-backed arguments:
– “My cleavage is distracting me.”
– “I can’t see the screen with my long eyelashes.”
– “Either I’m menstruating or ovulatin. Of course, I don’t have time to code then.”
– “With all my mood swings it’s pretty hard to code.”

Why women can not code

Makes sense, right? Right? Nope, not really.
Stereotypes and prejudices like these as well as media coverage lead according to scientific research to women distancing themselves from the field of programming.
The initiative GIRLS DO CODE says: Enough is Enough! And provides a sarcastic and fitting answer with this video.

This video by GIRLS WHO CODE exactly expresses your thoughts on this issue? See you at Ada Lovelace Festival 2016!

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