5 reasons to attend Ada Lovelace Festival

By attending Ada Lovelace Festival, I will …

… grow my skills 

At Ada Lovelace Festival I will learn more about the new fields that are set to drive our economy and shape our society: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Computer Systems and Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing, Human Computer Interaction, IoT and Wearable Tech, Security/Privacy, Self-empowerment, Software Engineering and Open Source Software.

… join a community

At Ada Lovelace Festival I will connect, exchange views and network with hundreds of like-minded tech professionals in a space where everyone’s welcome to share. I will leverage the power of a vibrant community to co-operate, collaborate and create new business models.

… learn from leaders  

At Ada Lovelace Festival I will meet leading experts & influencers face-to-face. I will find out how they think and how they succeeded … then harness their insights to go higher.

… broaden my horizons 

Ada Lovelace Festival will enable me to hop off the treadmill and take a fresh look at my work. A change of perspective is a great way to make sure I don’t limit my own creativity and potential.

… bring fresh ideas back to the business 

I will return from Ada Lovelace Festival with fresh ideas and approaches that will help me achieve more – and inspire my team and colleagues to do the same.


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