5 reasons to attend Ada Lovelace Festival

By attending Ada Lovelace Festival, I will …

… grow my skills, skills, skills.

Specialist knowledge and business models all about Sustainability Tech are central to this year’s agenda and the fields that are set to drive our economy and society.

… join a vibrant community – not another video-meeting

At Ada Lovelace Festival I will connect and exchange views with hundreds of techies in a space where everyone’s welcome to share. Enough time and tools for your very personal networking are provided for.

be inspired by leaders  – who become my mentors.

At Ada Lovelace Festival I will meet leading experts & influencers from the most diverse personal and professional backgrounds. In intimate mentoring sessions I will find out how they think and succeeded … then harness their insights to go higher.

… bring back innovative ideas and perspectives to the business. 

More important than ever in an era that requires fresh thinking and new business models.

make sure to act as safely, independently, efficiently and resource-friendly as possible.

Ada Lovelace Festival is brought to me without any health risks, travel times/-expenses and a minimum of CO2-emissions. And available on demand of course.

Ideas to change the world